Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vulcan y Lago Villarrica - So. Chile Paradisio

Ahhhh...Pucon located in southern Chile in the Andes near the Argentinian border...surrounded by mountains and in the shadows of Vulcan Villarrica and Vulcan Lanin

When I see a mountain like this it makes me want to climb it....

My daughter Sophie and three of her friends took a break from school over Easter to come south and visit.

Cuatro Gringa Hotties!!
From left to right: Sophie, Liz, Hannah and Lindsey

Hands Down - The best hostal in Pucon where we stayed.

The draw of the mountain was too much....

...so we set out to climb it!

I've been climbing mountains all my life (physically and metaphorically).
It may have something to do with being a Capricorn...goat...earth sign etc...

This mountain kicked my arse - I hiked until I could not move my legs another step...
...having to turn back before reaching the top!

The girls tredged on...putting on the ice gear.

This is one hell of a climb folks...it takes all you've got to get to the top...

...and Lindsey and Liz made it all the way...to the very top.

The gases exhuding from the top make it very difficult to actually look inside the crater for more than a few seconds.

Such an accomplishment...jubilation!
And Vulcan Lanin in the background.

Looking across at Vulcan Lanin from Vulcan Villarrica

A short video view atop Vulcan Villarrica
Just another shot of the mountain with clouds

Like many other parts of Southern Chile, the European influence is evident in the architecture.

I just love how they build such unique structures with wood.

On the shores of Lago Villarricca with mi hija linda - got her Giants jersey on!
What a great start to the season 7-2 as of today...go Gigantes.

The lakeside has beautiful flowers this time of year and
the beach is a great place to land a kite!

Language Puc'on
This is the language school where I took an intensive Spanish class for a week!
Great teacher and a positive experience....shoulda' done it earlier in my venture.

Suave' Camione - A 1959 Opel Flatbed Truck
Just had to take a picture 'cause you don't see these in the North America

love the rounded features of the '50s vehicle designs

A last glimpse...looks great...
...in the evening dusk, Vulcan Villarrica!

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